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the Business of HR
Barbie Winterbottom

Welcome to the Business of HR

Go beyond compliance and step into a community where you learn how to grow a career in HR.

About Me

With a career of 25+ years in the HR space, I am so excited to bring you the Business of HR community!  Throughout my career, I realized outside of compliance, there really isn't much to teach and show HR professionals HOW to execute the work that needs to be done.

I have grown my career by understanding the need to think BIG and be strategic, while at the same time, creating practical solutions to solve the day to day challenges we face in HR.

This community is here to help YOU, the HR practitioner learn how to flex between big strategy and real life day to day execution while growing your skills, your career and your network.

Why You Should Join Us!

the Business of HR community is here to help you.  We believe in the power of community and collectively sharing knowledge to lift us all and create deep meaningful networks of like minded folks who are ready to jump in and make things happen.  If you are ready to share your experiences, tell your story and learn from others, this is the place for you!

A Big Thanks

I couldn't be more proud of this community and the individuals who are here to learn and grow and to help each other.  Thank you for joining this network and for bringing your talents, questions and challenges to us...together I know we will do great things!

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